What is Sector Exclusivity and Why Does it Drive our Work?

Agencies with large client portfolios often come across the problem of having an amazing idea for a marketing campaign, but knowing that several of their clients work in the same industry, who do they share it with? It’s a tough decision – and one we never would want to make. This is why we will never work with a potential client that operates in one of our existing client’s industries.

We call this Sector Exclusivity.

It allows us to give our clients our full attention and offer our extensive knowledge of what marketing is best for them. Underpin Marketing prides itself on being innovative and forward-thinking. We want every idea that we come up with to be a collaborative project with our clients, this makes it fresh and exclusive.

We also understand that to do our best work, we have to be 100% invested and focused on you and your company’s position in your market place. We do our homework, we research your company, your competitors and the industry. We get to know your client base and what marketing works best for them, and all this information goes straight to you instead of being shared between other clients.

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