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Raphael Magnus
Raphael Magnus
Could not be happier with the Service from Lewis, spoke to him at a network meeting on the 7th of September 2023 and sent him an outline and information as requested. The following day he sent back the detailed information fully formed and ready to be sent. His service was excellent, would highly recommend him.
Laura Cormican
Laura Cormican
Lewis is highly recommended! Working with him and his team is a pleasure. He has assisted in newsletters, flyers and a website. If you are looking for someone professional, great at communicating who delivers brilliant work then look no further. As a charity organisation working with him he goes above and beyond and we are extremely grateful to work with him.
Glenkar Barsco
Glenkar Barsco
As a business owner I empower people to be their best selves and Lewis has helped me articulate what I do in a simple and effective way. Had he wrote this review for me it would of sounded amazing!
Thomas Jarratt
Thomas Jarratt
Lewis was a fantastic help in our conversations, being a very knowledgeable and calm figure in a time of mini-crisis for our organisation. Very well presented points and excellent knowledge of people and strategy despite being brand-new to our area and didn’t even encroach on overstepping or controlling the flow. Thank you!
Federica Bocchetti
Federica Bocchetti
Lewis is a brilliant marketing consultant. It is such a pleasure to work with such a fantastic company. Great knowledge and support.
Robin Road Limited
Robin Road Limited
Lewis is far too modest to ask for reviews himself, but what he does not know about marketing strategy simply has not yet been uncovered. In one seminar session he completely changed my perspective of how to define what it is that I am striving for in my business, under which all my activities naturally then align.
Ryan Ferrara
Ryan Ferrara
Lewis held a consultation meeting with myself, with no charge, and provided me with some valuable insight. His passion for helping solve your problems is clear, even with speaking for a short amount of time. I would recommend speaking with Lewis.
Duncan Casey
Duncan Casey
Lewis is a highly knowledgable individual, with a demonstrable track record and clear understanding of current trends.
Nicola Whiteman
Nicola Whiteman
I had the pleasure of meeting with Lewis today to get some advice on increasing our online presence. He was helpful, knowledgeable and very passionate about what he does. I came away with lots of ideas to work on in the short- and long-term. Thank you
Alison Sampson
Alison Sampson
Interesting and informative marketing training presentation at L4B Woodston - great for small businesses and start ups
cambridge startup construction of marketing strategy

Marketing Consultants & Project Managers Who Make A Real Difference

Underpin believes every business deserves access to a business or marketing consultant and their strategic skills. Skills which are so readily available to larger organisations.

By providing this, we allow businesses to grow, to reduce stress for owners, and provide a genuine and workable plan that the whole business can take ownership of.

We believe a good plan can make a business successful. Because with a good plan, anything is possible.

Underpin is an independent business and marketing consultancy, so we aren’t tied to one approach. We recommend the approach that you actually need, not just the services we happen to supply.

This approach allows us to deliver expert strategy and consultancy in both business and marketing at a cost that’s affordable for the public sector, along with small and medium-sized businesses.

Who are Underpin?

Underpin are a team of independent marketing and business consultants led by our founder, Lewis English.

At Underpin, we provide a different style of strategic business, marketing and planning, one that is normally reserved for big-paying corporate clients.

We collaborate with our clients, teasing out the best ideas and using our experience and expertise to deliver the perfect plan. Once we have developed a business or marketing strategy, we use our network of trusted experts to deliver your plan for you. You only pay people for the work they do, and what they specialise in.

In essence, we act as a company’s Chief Marketing or Operations Officer, meaning you get all the expertise without having to hire someone in-house.

List of underpin marketing and business consultants - councils, companies, public sector.

Why work with Underpin?

Results Driven

Underpin focuses not on just ‘doing’ marketing or business, we focus on the outcome and the long-term plan. The sales numbers, the business strategy, even recruitment and finance.


We don’t recommend a service because we happen to supply it, we give you an honest assessment and a real solution.

Providing Every Option

We aren’t specialists, and we are proud of that. If we need expertise, then we can go get them from our range of partners. This allows us to consult AND deliver projects. It also allows us to give you what you actually need, not just what our sales team is pushing that month.

Working With You

We are partners, we don’t talk down, and we don’t take control. This is your business and our job is to help you make it success. Whether marketing or business, we want to deliver a strategy or campaign that is owned and loved by you, so that when our project ends, the work continues. 

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Our Mission.

To give companies, charities and public organisations access to the same strategy and training as the world's top businesses.

Be Good.

We only work with those we can do genuine good for. If we can't help then we will find someone who can.

Truly independent.

Do Good.

Most of our work is with the public sector, charities, and companies that want to change the world.

We devote 25% of our time to good causes.


We listen. And we offer our honest opinion, only working on projects where we work directly with clients, hearing their ideas and making them part of our plans.

Case Studies

The Change We Deliver for Businesses

Hertfordshire County Council Business and Marketing Consultants (4)

Business Change

Rebuilding a Public Service at Lightning Speed Using ‘Public Good’ Consultancy.

Underpin Marketing Consultants Nuclear

Business Growth

Using PR, Social, Paid and Content Marketing to Win a UK Government Inquiry.​

cambridge startup construction of marketing strategy


Shifting Traditional Construction Into Design and Consultancy for a 134% rise in profits.


marketing and business consultancy shop

Or if you have a better question, get in contact below and we can grab a coffee.

At Underpin, we believe marketing consultants need to be independent, not focused on just one particular marketing solution, like SEO or social.

We give honest appraisals, focus on the problem, and the strategy.

Only then do we recommend ways to deliver the plan. Consultants can work with individuals, teams and outsourced companies, because our interest is in delivering something that works long term, not long-term contracts.

Many of our projects involve building strategies, training, support and toolkits that can then be used by the company themselves, reducing costs and improving collaboration.

Business consultants give companies and organisations a different perspective on the challenges that can be lethal if not addressed properly. From creation and mobilisation to restructuring and preparing for sale, a consultant can help clear a path to success.

A consultant can come into a company for a short time, or stay and be part of the long-term success.

Underpin was born from both a marketing and business development background.

We know that a council or company’s marketing is only as good as the business behind it, and that businesses can’t sell without a good brand. By covering both, we have a wider view than most consultants, however we regularly work on projects where we focus only on marketing or business and find an understanding of both helps even when focusing on only one.