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FAQ about business consultants

Free Consultant Appointments Over Coffee

We offer a free one hour consultation to anyone. So you can feel comfortable in moving forward with us.

Business consultants offer a fresh perspective on problems that can be dangerous if not solved correctly. A consultant can assist with every aspect of your business, from creation to sale preparation.

A consultant’s involvement with a company can either be temporary or long-lasting, and they can contribute to the company’s long-term success.

A business consultant coming into your organisation can be daunting, and the information they provide might not be what you want to here.

At Underpin, our consultants have over fifteen years of experience working with public sector, charities and businesses and use our values of Be Good, Do Good, and Collaborate to ease owners and managers into the process.

The aim is to make things better, not worse, so we encourage collective responsibility and help create an environment where open and honest feedback is turned into real, actionable strategies.

First we get to know each other in an informal, and free, setting. We offer everyone a free one-hour consultation, and this isn’t just for your benefit.

Every consultant is different, and we work better with some companies, personalities and teams. It’s our job during this meeting to see if we are the right fit, whether we are the best consultants for the job.

If not, we have a wide network of partners who we can introduce you to.

You will notice on the website that his sentence is the only time we mention the word sales. We don’t believe in pushing or pressuring. A consultant needs to come in at the right time for the right person. The consultation is not obligation and we have over forty, five star reviews based on this approach

Our Projects

Underpin has worked with a diverse collection of companies, charities and public sector organisations.

From innovative prenatal smoking campaigns to winning governmental public inquiries (twice.) We love to learn, and can bring our unique experience, skills and outlook to any business. This is because we are customer-focused and deliver all our projects based on empathy and collaboration. 

When your customer comes to get a service or product from you, its your job to tell them the benefits. At Underpin, we immerse ourselves in your business just like a customer would and build plans that resonate with them.

List of underpin marketing and business consultants - councils, companies, public sector.

Our Mission.

To give companies, charities and public organisations access to the same strategy and training as the world's top businesses.

Be Good.

We only work with those we can do genuine good for. If we can't help then we will find someone who can.

Truly independent.

Do Good.

Most of our work with public sector, charities, and companies that want to change the world.

We devote 25% of our time to good causes.


We listen. And we offer our honest opinion, only working on projects where we work directly with clients, hearing their ideas and making them part of our plans.