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Fighting for the Environment

Using PR, Social, Paid and Content Marketing to Win a UK Government Inquiry.

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The following case study has been written to reflect the confidentiality of our client and information has been intentionally left out to protect the cause and the ongoing inquiry. As consultants, understanding a client’s target market can be the most challenging part of the strategy process. But when a client’s target is the British Government, influencing them without blowing the budget can seem impossible. Since March 2020, Underpin Marketing and Business Consultants have been working alongside a niche marine technology company whose goal was to ensure the government upheld environmental protections in the face of challenges from a multinational energy company, and even geopolitical pressures.

Part of our brief for the client was to counteract claims made by multinational energy company.

This led to us having the client give evidence to multiple public inquiries.

A public inquiry in the UK is a formal investigation to gather information about important events or issues that are of public interest.

The government sets up public inquiries to investigate when there are concerns about wrongdoing, negligence, or the need for recommendations.

As part of this approach we had to become experts in government procedure, litigation, environmental impacts and even the mating patterns of fish such as sprat.

Fighting a Government Inquiry

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Becoming Experts in Government Policy

We assembled an expert team of PR, copywriting and social media specialists, with the aim of ensuring that pressure was applied to both the government and the private businesses involved. Through extensive research, collaboration and outreach, working alongside Welsh government advisory boards, local wildlife trusts and activists, we convinced the government to hold multiple public enquiries, and influenced organisations such as The Environment Agency to uphold existing protections.

"As part of this process we managed to secure coverage, free of charge to the client, in top newspapers including The Guardian, The Independent, The Telegraph, The Western Mail and Forbes Magazine. We also provided our client with the opportunity to speak at governmental hearings and public inquiries. Underpin Marketing and Business Consultants continue to support this cause. "

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