7 Ways Business Consultants Help Public Sector Organisations

7 Ways Business Consultants Help Public Sector Organisations In today’s ever-evolving and complex world, public sector organisations in the United Kingdom face a multitude of challenges. The public sector works in a constantly changing environment due to budget constraints, regulations, and the need for better services to citizens. To navigate these challenges and maximise their […]

Leadership: Exploring the Spectrum of Successful Leadership Styles

In the intricate tapestry of organisational success, leadership stands as a guiding force, adapting to a myriad of styles. Leaders, much like skilled navigators, must manoeuvre through diverse approaches tailored to the nuances of their teams and organisational contexts. This exhaustive exploration will delve into various successful leadership styles prevalent in the UK, weaving insights […]

The Impact of Owner Conflicts on Lower Management and Staff and How Consultants Can Help

Owner conflicts are a deep wound for every company they happen in. When everyone is focusing internally, the company isn’t moving forward, leading to far-reaching consequences that extend beyond boardroom disputes. These disagreements can disrupt the entire organisational structure, causing ripples that ultimately affect lower management and staff. I. Decreased Morale and Productivity One of […]

An Amazingly Simple Guide to Public Relations

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Public relations is usually associated with the protection or promotion of your company’s image. This can be protection from a crisis, or positive promotion though press releases and interaction with the media. Some PR is proactive, meaning you are promoting something, and some is reactive, i.e. something has happened and you want to contribute or […]

5 ways Recruitment Agencies can Maximise Marketing and Business Consultants.

As Marketing and Business Consultants, a key part of our job is assessing what resources are available to a client. As a recruitment agency, you can help with this process by helping to understand, and fill, the needs of companies. We use a similar strategy with HR and finance, where we require specific skills to […]

The First Meeting with Underpin Marketing and Business Consultants: What To Expect

The first meeting with an Underpin Marketing and Business Consultants is the most important. We meet with you personally with the aim of understand the project goals and get an idea of how they the project running and what success looks like. Lewis, the project manager for Underpin, is a firm believer in collaborative consultancy. […]

What Marketing Is Right For My Business?

It’s an eternal question, what marketing is right for my business? You might be used to dealing with traditional marketing agencies, a marketer that specialises in one approach, or perhaps you’ve done all your marketing yourself. As an independent marketing consultancy, we’ve created a new approach. We become your Chief Marketing Officer, recommending only the […]

3 Things Millennial Leaders Can Learn from Gen Z

Millennial leaders are here, and so are Gen Z teams. There is a long history of older generations looking down on the younger generation. I know, as a millennial, that older generations stereotype us as coffee drinking and avocado eating. But, the idea that older generations hate everyone younger than them is also a stereotype, […]

Finding the Right Business Consultant for You

Finding the Right Business Consultant for You Business consultants play a unique role in today’s business landscape, but the path to success is often riddled with challenges and uncertainties. Startups and SMEs often face complex decisions about marketing, operations, and growth.. This is where the role of a business consultant comes into play. However, with […]

The Best US States to Set Up a UK Business

The Best US States to Set Up a UK Business When it comes to expanding your UK business across the Atlantic to the United States, choosing the right state is a critical decision. The USA offers a vast and diverse landscape for international business opportunities. In this article, we will explore the best US states […]