Let’s get back to business… hopefully

Shoppers on the High Street

Lockdown season three is coming to an end and the world is slowly getting back to normal. Pubs, hairdressers, hospitality and gyms are beginning to open again, but what does this mean for your business?

In a recent Marketing Week article, business leaders have estimated that the economy will bounce back quickly and judge that the profits from hospitality alone will be £314 million this week. Deloitte also suggests that in the coming year there will be a strong economic recovery similar to the one seen in mid-2014. 

Mike Cherry, the FSB chairman, has said that “the certainty provided by the government roadmap is filling many small business owners with renewed confidence”. 

So, it’s all good news then? Unfortunately, we’ve seen this play out in previous episodes, where everything seems to be going back to normal, just for a new variant to mess everything up. But thankfully for the NHS, the vaccine rollout has been amazing and as of 11th April, around 32 million people have had one dose of a coronavirus vaccine, which is great news for the country, but also for businesses. 

With the weather getting warmer and more and more people getting the vaccine, we will hopefully start seeing everything getting back to normal soon.

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