How do you keep your brand fresh and relevant?

Subway Sandwich

Subway recently announced that customers can now add Walkers crisps as a filling option to their sandwiches, this was widely talked about on social media. Subway isn’t the first company to change a product by upgrading it with another existing product – McDonalds have done it time and time again most famously with the Double Big Mac.

When you realise it really is that easy, you’ll be kicking yourself for not thinking of it before.

Of course there are other things that you can do for a product refresh without adding to or changing the product itself too much. This can reducing the price, changing the packaging, font or style, marketing to a wider audience or targeting a new niche. These small tweaks can refresh a product cheaply and can be achieved by any brand, whether it’s a household name or a small business.

A recent study from Forbes reported that the millennial generation are surprisingly loyal; 60% of shoppers from this generation say they are always or normally loyal to a particular brand. That’s why it’s important to keep products fresh, relevant and engaging by constantly innovating.

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