The Best US States to Set Up a UK Business

The Best US States to Set Up a UK Business

When it comes to expanding your UK business across the Atlantic to the United States, choosing the right state is a critical decision. The USA offers a vast and diverse landscape for international business opportunities. In this article, we will explore the best US states to set up a UK business, taking into consideration factors like ease of doing business, economic stability, and growth prospects. So, if you’re pondering the question, “What is the best US state to set up a UK business?” read on to find the answer.

Is Delaware the best US state to set up a UK Business?

Delaware is often considered the corporate capital of the United States. Its business-friendly legal framework, including flexible corporate laws, makes it an attractive destination for foreign companies. The state’s Chancery Court specializes in business disputes, ensuring a quick and efficient resolution. Additionally, Delaware offers a low tax burden for corporations, making it a top choice for UK businesses looking to expand in the US.

How Texas could be the right state for you?

Texas boasts a robust economy, diverse workforce, and a pro-business environment. It consistently ranks high in terms of ease of doing business due to its low corporate taxes and minimal regulations. Cities like Austin and Dallas have thriving tech sectors, making it an excellent choice for technology-based UK companies.

Other States to Set Up Your UK Business

  1. California

While California’s high living costs and regulations may deter some businesses, it remains a hotspot for innovation and technology. Silicon Valley, located in the San Francisco Bay Area, is a global tech hub and attracts companies from around the world. If your UK business operates in the tech or entertainment industry, California could be the best choice.

  1. Florida

Florida offers an attractive combination of warm weather, no state income tax, and a growing economy. The state’s strategic location as a gateway to Latin America can be advantageous for UK businesses with international aspirations. Miami, in particular, is known for its thriving international trade and finance sectors.

  1. New York

New York City, the financial capital of the world, provides unparalleled opportunities for businesses seeking to establish a presence in the US. While the cost of living and doing business in New York is high, the city’s access to capital and diverse talent pool make it a compelling choice for UK companies in finance, media, and fashion.

  1. Nevada

Nevada is another US state known for its favourable business environment. It is famous for its lack of corporate income tax and personal income tax. For businesses looking to minimise their tax liabilities while operating in the US, Nevada is an attractive option.

  1. Georgia

The state of Georgia, particularly Atlanta, is emerging as a hub for technology and logistics companies. It offers competitive business incentives, a well-developed infrastructure, and a relatively low cost of living compared to other major cities. If your UK business is in logistics or tech, Georgia could be an ideal location.


Selecting the best US state to set up a UK business is a critical step in your expansion journey. Each state offers a unique set of advantages and considerations, depending on your industry, tax preferences, and growth aspirations. Delaware, Texas, California, Florida, New York, Nevada, and Georgia all present compelling opportunities for UK companies seeking success on American soil.

Remember, thorough research and consulting with legal and financial experts are essential before making a decision. With the right choice, your UK business can thrive in the land of opportunity, bridging the Atlantic divide to achieve international success.

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