Our pick of the best AND the worst advertising campaigns

Guinness has just released a new advert in which everyday objects look like the white and black stout, including; a pair of socks on a washing line, a white cat on a bin, a black front door and a snowy setting. The company has also pledged £30 million to support pubs around the UK which is much needed after the knock the industry has had after the pandemic. This advert comes just as lockdown measures are reduced and people can go back to the pubs.

This got us thinking about other great adverts we’ve seen in the past, so…

Our pick of the best adverts:

John Lewis – Elton John

We could have chosen any of the John Lewis Christmas adverts as they have become some popular and customers eagerly await them every year. But we chose Elton John’s journey from being a small boy growing up to be a global superstar, this advert did so well as Elton John is such a national treasure and fans adore him.

Hovis – Bike

This advert was first shown in 1973 and has been digitally altered and refreshed in the years since, now generations can remember the advert. It blends nostalgia for a lost time with a strong message for the brand.

CadburY – Gorilla

This infamous advert is still spoken about 14 years since it was first shown, with a monumental backing track from Phil Collins, and a Gorilla playing the drums, this advert will go down in UK history. Cadburys have always done well with adverts and brand recognition, the famous brand colour is known by everyone in the UK.

Gillette – The best men can be

This controversial advert was released in the middle of the #MeToo movement in 2019, with the tagline “because the boys watching today will be the men of tomorrow” this advert made inspiring waves. It challenges toxic masculinity by calling out bullying and trying to set examples for young men. 

Freeview – Cat and Budgie

This rendition of Marvin Gaye’s and Tammi Terrell’s “You’re All I Need To Get By” was first shown in 2014, the use of two very cute animals made it an instant hit with UK viewers. The advert was run for a very long time, but instead of ever getting annoying it became an instant classic. 

Our pick of the worst adverts:

Pepsi – Live for Now

For some unfathomable reason, Pepsi released a tone-deaf advert at the height of the Black Lives Matter movement with Kendall Jenner joining a riot, giving a policeman a can of Pepsi and seemingly making everything better, they really seemed to miss the mark on this one. 

Protein World – Are you beach body ready?

In 2015 these adverts were all over London tube’s in which a supermodel was wearing nothing but a bikini and the tagline “are you beach body ready”, this caused uproar and many of the ads were defaced and more than 71,000 people signed a petition calling on Protein World to remove them. The protesters are concerned with the increase in eating disorders and body dysmorphia which is fueled by advertising unreachable beauty standards.

Nivea – White is Purity

Nivea were advertising a new non-staining antiperspirant in 2017 and used the tagline “White is purity”, this of course has racist connotations but the advert was still run in the Middle East. 

H&M – Coolest monkey in the jungle

In 2018 H&M advertised a new line for children but used a young black child to model a hoodie bearing the slogan “coolest monkey in the jungle”, this was not well received by social media and singer, The Weeknd cut ties with the brand.

Marc Jacobs – Daisy perfume

Advertising perfume is always difficult as you can’t smell through a tv screen or billboard. The 2020 Marc Jacobs advert showed three models dancing around a field, in white dresses and flower crown dancing and chanting Daisy over and over, presumably trying to show how free and carefree it makes the customer feel, but the scene came across like a culty Wickerman scenario. 

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