What Marketing Is Right For My Business?

It’s an eternal question, what marketing is right for my business?

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What Marketing Is Right For My Business? 2

You might be used to dealing with traditional marketing agencies, a marketer that specialises in one approach, or perhaps you’ve done all your marketing yourself.

As an independent marketing consultancy, we’ve created a new approach. We become your Chief Marketing Officer, recommending only the services you need to achieve your goals.

And we can create a ‘pop-up’ agency to deliver the work – drawing from our network of experienced specialists to implement your marketing strategy.

You only pay for the experts you need, when you need them, and we handle the project management and reporting. We’ve created this approach because it means we become fully invested in your company and your marketing, and we want the plans we design to succeed.

Below you’ll find information about the various tactics we can support you with, but if you’d rather chat to us about what your business needs, please get in touch.

What Marketing is Right for My Business? – A Guide


A website can be the centrepiece of your marketing efforts. It’s the modern-day equivalent of a shop front, showing the world who you are and what you do.

But that doesn’t mean they are right for everyone. We’ll help you understand what you need from your website, and how you can use it to connect with your customers.

What are the benefits of a good website?

A good website will demonstrate your skills, your expertise and give you a fully customisable part of the internet to call your own. It’s a way to make a positive first impression, and to communicate vital information about your products or services.

What you should include depends on your business, but a standard list might include: A homepage, a service page, an ‘about us’ page, a contact page and possibly a news or blog page.

What are the challenges?

The biggest questions facing a company when it comes to a website are what it should do and how much it should cost. The answer to both of these will be “it depends”. No, that’s not particularly helpful, so it’s always worth speaking to someone about your specific needs for guidance through the process.

Is a website right for me?

The first thing many people do when they start a company, even before creating a business or marketing plan, is to purchase a domain name and build a website. The thing is, not every company needs a website. They can be expensive to build and expensive to manage. Server fees, web development and design costs can range from a couple of hundred pounds to tens of thousands.

In this day and age, you absolutely can run a business without a website. You can sell products on platforms like Etsy, Facebook, eBay and Amazon Marketplace. Never implement a marketing tactic just because you feel like you should, or someone else told you to.

But if a website is right for your business and you’d like to learn the best ways of creating and maintaining it, please get in touch.

Leaflets and brochures

There’s always something special about picking up a well-designed leaflet or brochure. In this digital era, when we can access information at any time at the press of a few buttons, Underpin Marketing is always thrilled to help deliver something a little more tactile.

The key thing to remember is purpose. Don’t design because you feel like something is needed. Design something because you know your customers need it. To save on costs, and if your target market is willing to forgo the physical copy, you can create a digital brochure that serves the same purpose.

What are the benefits of leaflets and brochures?

When done well, leaflets and brochures can truly elevate your business development. They can be almost any size, from an event flyer to a full product brochure akin to an Argos catalogue or a phone directory.

Simple design software such as Canva can create low-cost, eye-catching designs. For everything else there are great graphic designers who can create anything your budget allows. But remember, it’s not all about the design – make sure you have good written copy and photography too.

What are the challenges?

A bad brochure can leave a bad impression. It’s better to have nothing to hand over than something that sends the wrong message.

Brochures can also be very expensive, especially if you really want to make an impact. Always remember to factor in printing costs, as even the choice of paper has a huge bearing on the overall quality of any leaflets or brochures you produce.

Are leaflets and brochures right for me?

If you meet a lot of people face to face, or are promoting events in person, leaflets and brochures are essential. If you only operate online, they are less relevant.

If you’re not sure if your budget can accommodate leaflets and brochures, get in touch for help with a Return on Marketing Investment calculation.


In a world of websites, brochures and social media, photography is key. We work with photographers with a range of specialisms, so we can help you create the visual representation that will really set you apart.

And while hiring a professional photographer can be a big expense, especially early in the life of your business, there are alternatives. Sites such as Pixabay and Pexels allow you to use stock imagery for free.

What are the benefits of photography?

Good photography can deliver a message better than an entire page of writing. The colour, tone and mood of the image can convey your position in the market, your target audience and what they can expect from you.

What are the challenges?

The power of an image also means you should be careful not to send the wrong message. This is the risk of photography that doesn’t reflect your business, or is not of good enough quality.

Free stock images look professional, but they are open to anyone and it can be difficult to set yourself apart if you are using the same imagery as competitors. Stock photos can also be purchased from sites such as Shutterstock, which usually offer higher quality and are less likely to be used elsewhere.

Is professional photography right for me?

You should always have a good suite of images, as you will never know when you might need them. Many of the other marketing tactics you might choose – including websites, brochures and even pay-per-click advertising – rely on quality imagery to be as effective as possible.

We recommend using your own photography wherever possible. With professional quality cameras built into modern smartphones, this is easier than ever. Get in touch to learn more about the role photography can play in your marketing.


Video isn’t the future – it’s the here and now. Each and every day one billion hours of video are watched on YouTube alone.

And thanks to smartphones and inexpensive equipment, all you really need is to find something your customers are willing to watch. Underpin Marketing can help with concepts, planning, delivery and promotion.

What are the benefits of video content?

There are many different types of videos you can use – from sales videos, to instructional videos, to case studies.

A visual medium can reach and resonate with customers who don’t like reading material like websites or brochures, as long as there’s a focus and a strategy behind it.

What are the challenges?

The learning curve for creating professional video is steep if you want to go DIY, and time is a major obstacle. There are plenty of companies that can help you craft the perfect video, but remember that a marketing supplier is only as good as the direction and focus you provide.

A video that looks amazing, but says nothing at all, ultimately provides no real value.

Is video right for me?

Videos should be used as part of a suite of marketing tactics. A single video is unlikely to bring you business, but it might prompt someone to download a brochure, visit your website, or email you with an enquiry.

Younger generations are particularly interested in video content, so if your plan includes reaching that target market then get in touch to learn more about how video can help.

Social media

Underpin Marketing’s social media strategy and delivery service is a proactive and cost-effective way of managing your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts.

We’ll help you take advantage of one of the most important ways to engage and convert potential customers, as well as keeping existing customers up to date.

What are the benefits of social media?

Social media marketing is a form of marketing that harnesses the power of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks to provide leads, engagement and brand awareness. This can be done for free through posting images, messages or videos, or you can pay to be seen by many potential customers through paid social advertisements.

For the right organisation, social media is not just a way to interact with your customers. Thanks to integrated checkout functions in apps, it can be a way to directly sell your products and services.

Even if you just want to promote your services, start a community, or find out about the latest trends, social media can be a fantastic tool and a way to engage and inspire.

What are the challenges?

Meaningful social media takes time. Time to set up, time to nurture, and time to interact with your followers. Outsourcing is often the most effective approach, but first you need to overcome the notion that “everybody needs to be on social media”, since this is categorically untrue.

If your customers are not using a platform, it’s unlikely to be the best way to deliver your message.

Is social media right for me?

Social media should have a purpose. If you are doing it only because others have told you that you should, then stop. If you have done your target customer research and found that the best way to reach them is through social media, then make the investment.

But remember you won’t just be promoting yourself – customers will expect responses to questions and complaints, so these need to be monitored.

Underpin Marketing’s experts use analytics and research to understand the best possible way to get the maximum exposure for your brand and are also well versed in customer engagement.


Google Search is, in essence, a ranking website. It uses a set of rules (an algorithm) to determine the best information to give a person searching for a specific term.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a series of things you can do to help make sure Google decides your information is the best choice. But you’re going to need some help, and that’s where Underpin Marketing comes in.

What are the benefits of SEO?

Good SEO means people can find you when they are searching for solutions to their problems. Achieving a spot on that elusive front page also helps establish your knowledge and credibility.

What are the challenges?

There are no quick fixes in SEO and organic growth can take a long time to manifest itself as tangible results. It can be relatively expensive and although some of the techniques to improve your website’s ranking in Google are pretty well understood, Google never reveals its algorithm, so nothing is guaranteed.

Is SEO right for me?

If you need your company to be found when people search online, then you need some form of SEO plan in place. Google may not reveal details of its algorithm, but it provides great insight that informed specialists can use to enhance your presence.


PPC can be a complex area and Underpin Marketing works with companies to help maximise return on every investment. Pay-per-click advertising is, essentially, an opportunity Google gives businesses to bypass the ranking system and pay to appear more prominently in search results.

While PPC can be more immediately effective than SEO, it works best when deployed as part of a long-term strategy. We think of SEO as taking the stairs and PPC as taking the lift. One is quicker, but the other is much better for your long-term health.

What are the benefits of PPC?

PPC can deliver almost instantaneous benefits, as long as you have the money to pay for them. The traffic it brings to your site may not be as effective as the traffic you attract organically, but the sheer volume can mean a well-managed strategy brings significant return on investment.

What are the challenges?

PPC can, however, be a money drain with little return, so you’ll need to understand what you want to get out of it and set your budgets accordingly. Guidance from someone who knows the industry is essential, as PPC is a particularly technical area.

Is PPC right for me?

Some PPC campaigns are time-specific, coinciding with a promotion or special event, while others are ongoing. Expert advice is key to understanding how and when to use PPC, and Underpin works with specialists to design and deliver campaigns that maximise your chances of success.

Public Relations

Public relations is usually associated with the protection or promotion of your company’s image.

Whether it’s protection from a crisis, or positive promotion through press releases and interaction with the media, Underpin Marketing works with leading experts in the field to deliver what our clients need at any given time.

What are the benefits of PR?

The benefits of PR can be enormous. It is usually more subtle and considered more reputable than simply advertising, because an editor or influencer has decided your cause is worthy and they are adding their reputation and clout to yours.

PR can also be a lot of fun, as you need to be innovative and creative to get a return.

What are the challenges?

Depending on your objective, PR can be very expensive. It’s possible to manage your own PR, although doing it well requires industry expertise and contacts.

Is PR right for me?

PR is ideal when you have something specific to promote or something interesting to say. If you have decided that your target customers respect innovative and market-leading companies, then PR is a great way to deliver that impression.

But you should not use PR if your company is not ready to launch or promote. PR is all about confidence and if you don’t quite have it yet, then it will have little impact.

Written content

Written content is where it all began for Underpin, and our passion for writing is at the heart of everything we produce for our clients. Your written content gives you a powerful opportunity to communicate with your customers clearly and succinctly.

Whether it’s a blog, industry news on your website, or a downloadable PDF that gives detailed insight into a topic affecting your customers, your writing can demonstrate expertise as well as explain your services.

What are the benefits of written content?

No matter what industry you are in, written content allows you to answer your potential customers’ questions and convince them making contact is worth the effort.

You can use blogs to show you’re aware of the issues facing them, and more in-depth content can establish your authority in meaningful and relevant ways.

What are the challenges?

Good writing is powerful. Bad writing is destructive. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors can be off-putting even if a customer is impressed by what you do, so the challenge for many businesses is making sure content is of high enough quality.

You also need to make sure your writing reflects the tone, voice and style you’ve established for your company, otherwise you risk confusion and contradiction.

Is written content right for me?

Most people conduct some sort of research before making a buying decision, and that usually includes reading website content.

If you have a website, quality regularly updated content is essential to establishing credibility. If you don’t, any material you produce for offline distribution must be professionally written so you can give the right impression.

Email marketing

Email marketing can be a key component of your business plan. Underpin Marketing can design, build and deliver messages and campaigns that provide relevant, useful information and offers to your customers.

You can do this through a newsletter, a set of triggered emails or an ongoing campaign, each of which can be more personal (and effective) than communicating through a website alone..

What are the benefits of email marketing?

Email marketing, when done well, maintains contact with your customers so they come to you the next time they need the services you provide.

Keeping your company in your customers’ thoughts is one of the most important marketing outcomes you can have, and email is often the best way to achieve it.

What are the challenges?

Relevancy is key. One good email is better than three bad ones, so make sure you always think about your motivations before sending an email. If you’re not providing something of interest or value, people won’t hesitate to opt out.

Is email marketing right for me?

Email marketing can be a great way to stay in contact with your target audience, particularly when you have a good customer base that needs to be kept up to date with new offers and information.

But it is not a substitute for face-to-face interaction. Many businesses think of email as the only way to contact their customers, but people like buying from people. Make sure you go out and meet your audience if it’s possible to do so.

Underpin has delivered a wide range of successful email campaigns, so get in touch to discuss how best to reach your audience.

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