Who Are Underpin Marketing And What Is Their Training Like?

If you only learn one thing about us we hope that it’s our mission – to collaborate on building marketing “rockets” with businesses worldwide.

We do this through a combination of training, consultancy and live marketing projects.

Underpin Marketing, through our founder Lewis English, have delivered our ‘How to Build a Brand’ and ‘Five Step Marketing Plan’ workshops for nearly six years. Our client list includes the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, and we have helped pre-startups through Local Enterprise Partnerships.

We hate cookie-cutter, read-along presentations and believe in putting the ‘work’ in workshops.

All of our sessions are delivered by five-star rated author and consultant Lewis English, who has over 15 years of experience in delivering training and working in the field on live projects. Lewis’ style is one that challenges and engages. His ethos is to bust jargon and demystify the sometimes secretive work of branding and marketing. This allows businesses to understand how marketing actually works, build their own strategies, and then go out and deliver individual, progressive branding and marketing that resonates with their chosen customers.

But we aren’t just a training organisation. Lewis and his team work with a diverse set of clients on real-world campaigns every day. In the last year we have worked with environmental organisations on nuclear safety, helped launch a movie on Netflix and created 8 websites for companies in HR, industrial manufacturing, marine technology and property. 

In 2021, we delivered over 100 consultations and as part of our commitment to help, over 70% of these were free of charge to pre-startups and charitable organisations.

Our values are ‘be good, do good, and collaborate’, and our vision is a world where business and marketing advice is so easily understood that businesses no longer make costly mistakes on their marketing.

In addition to the scope set out in we always suggest an ‘open communication’ option using WhatsApp or similar to allow direct conversations with the businesses and a more informal option for education.

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