How we… defined a target audience for a construction firm

modern buildings under constructions in city

Knowing the value of your services, and the best place to market them, can be the difference between making a profit and closing up shop. 

Underpin Marketing was initially set up as a construction and technology orientated marketing company, building on our founder’s success working with a construction firm to redefine their target market.

Detailed research and analysis of market insights led to a recommendation to shift focus from individual projects in churches and schools to large, multi-project interior fit-out companies and architects. This allowed the construction company to deliver the exact same products and services on much bigger projects. It improved efficiency, lowered admin costs, and allowed the firm to reduce reliance on subcontractors by employing trades directly. 

And because architects and fit-out companies have multiple projects every year, the profit from each customer was quadrupled.

Understanding where your marketing efforts are best focused is more important than the marketing itself. Because marketing only works if the right people see it.

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