Why am I getting all these emails from companies I don’t remember?

Remember GDPR? 

Over the last few weeks we have all received marketing emails from organisations we either never remember signing up for – or haven’t spoken to for years. And we all know why.

During the age of Corona, companies need to let people know what is going, how they are approaching things, what it means for their staff and their customers.

This is completely understandable.

Now, I am not here to say that you shouldn’t be contacting your old clients, my question would be, why haven’t you been contacting them before?

Consistency is King

A good marketing strategy should be consistent. Simply sending an email once you are in trouble may provide a customer response you weren’t expecting, and don’t particularly want – They only want me when THEY are in trouble.

Customer-focused marketing is something we advocate strongly. 

Don’t do something because it’s convenient, you are desperate, or there is something you want to say. Do it because the customer wants, needs or demands it from you.

Follow your own advice

Ready for the plot twist? This is my second blog in a week after a while of not posting.

This is not because I suddenly have lots of free time. This is entirely because I feel motivated to talk. That’s not a good look for someone who advocates customer-centric approach. So let’s make a deal. Let’s talk more. Let’s talk to our customer more. Let’s stop talking about what our CEO is doing, and let’s start offering help and support to our customers.


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