Why Underpin Marketing Loves Collaboration

When initially setting up Underpin Marketing there were a few things I wanted to achieve. One of the main things was to provide marketing that is collaborative, transparent and worthwhile to our clients.

It seems like an obvious goal but I have found, by being on both the agency and client side, that this isn’t always the case. Every industry suffers from relationships where people end up unhappy – but in marketing, this appears to be the norm.

Choosing a marketing company.

Customers will choose a marketing company for a variety of reasons; a good sales pitch, a specialisation in their industry, sometimes reputation and recommendation. They never choose one to be unhappy, but this is a common outcome. Why?

One of the main things missing in a bad marketing relationship is collaboration. When I worked on the other side of the relationship, as a client, I always valued collaboration. It just made the project run better because people working together understand the direction and expectations of travel.

Underpin Marketing’s approach

When working with a client, it’s never about dictating. It’s about listening and understanding the business  This helps everyone believe the goal is achievable, and allows both sides to set expectations for success. This is something that takes time, and doesn’t necessarily make money, but we would never accept a project without collaboration being a fundamental part of it.

If everyone knows what the plan is, and what the outcome should be, then there are no nasty surprises.

That’s why we have collaboration as part of our code of conduct.

Underpin Marketing’s Code of Conduct

We want to be good and we want to do good – that’s why we have a Code of Conduct. We understand that the marketing costs for small businesses are proportionally larger than for bigger companies. The risks are greater. Underpin Marketing’s Code of Conduct is designed to ensure everyone gets the most out of the partnership and that we all get what we came for – growth.

Code of Conduct

Underpin Marketing, and the companies we work in partnership with, must:

  • Do good for the community
  • Collaborate with each other towards a common goal
  • Think differently about challenges and be willing to compromise on the way forward
  • Believe that the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of their employees, suppliers, partners and most importantly themselves are at the centre of everything we do  

We believe this is a better way to collaborate and a more sustainable way to grow. And when you work with us, we believe you will feel the same way too.

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