What is authority marketing?

Underpin Authority Marketing

You are an authority in what you do, it’s why you run your business. Turning this authority into marketing, and showing your expertise, can lead to better business opportunities. It’s time to talk about authority marketing.

What is authority marketing?

Every time someone walks into your shop or business, or you visit someone in their home, they are speaking to you because have a problem. And they have come to you to solve it. Your product and service can help them. You have authority.

This authority is a powerful sales tool, as every customer wants to buy from someone who knows what they are doing,

Online Authority

Google also has its own version of authority. Good search engine optimisation (SEO) allows Google to see that you will be helpful and relevant to the people searching for a specific question or query. By having a good content marketing strategy, that focuses on answering customers’ questions and providing authority on your business’ industry, you can become a business that is seen as a knowledgeable leader, one that can solve your customer’s problems.

This means higher rankings in Google searches, more visits to your website, and inevitably, more business.

Customers pay more for authority

Outside of Google, authority marketing has other advantages. By being seen as an authority, you can demand a higher price for your products and services because they are being made by experts. Some customers will only want the cheapest price, and as we all know, you get what you pay for. But for everyone else, we all want to feel the safety and security of knowing a job is being done by a professional.


Another advantage of authority marketing is being able to consult. A lot of customers may not know what they want. By being an authority, customers will come to you and ask for information, advice and guidance. This will provide you with a perfect opportunity to become a trusted advisor and grow your business organically.

Underpin Marketing are experts in authority marketing for new, micro and small businesses. We can work with you to ensure your business growth is built on solid foundations. For more information, or an informal chat about your business, contact us.

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