Public Sector Marketing Consultant Case Study: Sommerset County Council

Let's Kick It Together

Reducing smoking in pregnancy by involving the whole family.

Public sector marketing consultants can have a huge impact of quick-turnaround projects. Underpin worked fast, hard and with some new ideas that reaped huge rewards.

From the very beginning of our work with Somerset County Council, Underpin wanted to involve the whole family, dads included.

Reducing unborn and newborn children’s exposure to smoke is more than just applying negative pressure to mothers.
The “Let’s Kick It Together” campaign embarked on a year-long journey with the ambitious goal of reducing smoking in pregnant families. The campaign used a multifaceted approach that started with collaboration and active listening.. The campaign used various methods and channels to reach both pregnant and non-pregnant expectant parents. The outcomes of this pioneering effort are explored below, highlighting the positive changes it brought to communities and the healthcare landscape.

Using a Public Sector Marketing Consultant For an Anti Smoking Campaign

Smoking during pregnancy is a pressing public health concern with many risks for both the unborn child and the expectant mother. The “Let’s Kick It Together” campaign launched to address this issue holistically.

As a public sector marketing consultant Underpin, alongside the team at SmokeFree Somerset used the following two principles to deliver exceptional results.

The campaign’s success relied on active listening and collaboration. We engaged with midwives, expectant parents, and various stakeholders to gather insights, experiences, and perspectives. This empathetic approach ensured that the campaign was both focused and personal, resonating with the target audience.

Expanding the Focus: One distinctive aspect of the “Let’s Kick It Together” campaign was its inclusivity. Recognising the influence of family dynamics, the campaign extended its reach to non-pregnant expectant parents, using videos of fathers talking about their struggles, acknowledged that their smoking habits could indirectly impact the pregnant mother and the unborn child. This pioneering approach set a precedent in the UK, aiming to create a smoke-free environment for the entire family.

Execution of Marketing Campaign

The campaign was executed through a multi-pronged strategy that combined various methods and channels to maximize its reach and effectiveness all led by a public sector marketing consultant:

  1. Promotional Materials: Over 20,000 leaflets, banners, lanyards, and cards were distributed to hospitals, doctors’ offices, dentists, vape shops, and more. These materials served as educational tools for both healthcare providers and the general public.
  2. Organic and Social Media Campaign: Leveraging the power of social media, the campaign launched an organic and engaging online presence. This included informative posts, success stories, and testimonials from individuals who had successfully quit smoking during pregnancy.
  3. Public Relations (PR) Campaign: The campaign garnered significant media attention through a well-executed PR campaign. Coverage in newspapers, BBC Radio, BBC Regional News, and ITV Regional News amplified the campaign’s message and reached a wide audience.
  4. Editable Marketing Materials: To ensure sustainability and continued impact, the campaign provided a comprehensive suite of editable marketing materials that could be utilised for years to come. This resource allowed healthcare professionals and community organisations to adapt and customise campaign materials to suit their unique needs.

Setting Expectations in the Community

Campaign Impact

The “Let’s Kick It Together” campaign made a profound impact on reducing smoking in pregnant families and fostering a smoke-free environment. The following outcomes show the campaign’s effectiveness:

1. Increased Awareness: The campaign raised awareness about the risks of smoking during pregnancy. An internal survey conducted post-campaign revealed that expectant parents who were exposed to campaign materials reported increased knowledge about the dangers of smoking during pregnancy.

2. Behavioural Change: Perhaps the most significant success of the campaign was its ability to induce behavioural change. Pregnant individuals and non-pregnant expectant parents who signed up during the campaign quit or greatly decreased their smoking habits, according to a follow-up survey.

3. Healthcare Integration: Hospitals and healthcare providers embraced the campaign’s materials, incorporating them into their patient education programs. Midwives reported that the campaign’s resources made it easier to broach the topic of smoking cessation with expectant parents.

4. Media Reach: The PR campaign news articles, radio interviews, and television segments, reaching audiences across the region. This widespread media coverage contributed significantly to the campaign’s success.

5. Ongoing Impact: The provision of editable marketing materials ensured that the campaign’s message continued to resonate long after its formal conclusion. Healthcare providers and organizations continued to use and adapt these materials, perpetuating the campaign’s mission.

6. Referrals and Four-Week Quits: The campaign experienced a 197% increase in significant other referrals, indicating the extended impact on family members. This contributed to a 220% increase in significant other four-week quits, demonstrating the success of the inclusive approach.

7. Client Engagement: Of all clients on treatment (NRT) at any point during the campaign, 25% successfully achieved a four-week quit, showcasing the effectiveness of the campaign’s support mechanisms.

8. Incentive Program: The campaign issued Love2Shop voucher incentives at four-week quits, motivating and rewarding participants. This incentive program resulted in a 4% increase in successful quits.

Demographic Statistics

  1. Increase in Unemployed Referrals reaching a 4 week quit
  2. 72% Increase in Love2Shop Voucher Incentives reaching a 4 week quit
  3. 40% Increase in Long-Term Health Conditions achieving a 12 week quit: 25%

The “Let’s Kick It Together” campaign stands as a beacon of effective public health intervention. By actively listening to stakeholders, adopting an inclusive approach, and employing a multifaceted strategy, the campaign achieved significant results in reducing smoking in pregnant families. Its impact extended beyond the initial year, demonstrating the potential for sustained change in healthcare practices and societal behaviour. “Let’s Kick It Together” serves as a testament to the power of collaborative, empathetic, and innovative public health campaigns in addressing critical issues and improving the lives of families in the United Kingdom.

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