Marketing Consultants Work With Or For You.

Building marketing strategies, supporting teams, and delivering innovative campaigns is what we do.

FAQ about Marketing Consultants.

We love a chin-wag over coffee and cake. It’s how we get to answer all the questions you have about how we work.

Marketing consultants like Underpin are not Marketing Agencies, we don’t have large departments, finance and HR. We are small, agile, and most importantly, not focused on one aspect of showcasing your business.

This means we are free to give you independent advice on what marketing you actually need, not just the one we happen to supply.

A marketing consultant is collaborative by design. We don’t come in and push our own ideas. We nurture, research and collaborate on our projects, meaning when we provide a toolkit or a training session, it’s something you, or your team can take away and feel ownership of.

At Underpin, our marketing consultants work on a three step process – listen, learn and collaborate.

We first listen to everyone in the team or organisation, we want you to have a real ownership of the project, that means getting you involved, hearing your ideas.

The second is to learn. We see what works, what doesn’t and we teach others as well.

The third is to collaborate. This means toolkits, processes and plans that can be followed. 

We can of course help with the delivery, but that only comes at the end. The plan has to be good no matter who is delivering it.

With marketing consultants like Underpin, it’s as simple as having a chat. We offer a free one-hour consultation to anyone, with no obligation to use us after, in fact over 70% of our consultations do not lead to paid work.

This is due to us either solving the problem in the hour, or it not being the right time or fit.

We Don't Specialise.

From rebranding a help service for a council, to helping launch a Netflix movie, we love to do something different every day.


We don’t specialise in one particular area because neither do customers. We use empathy, research and collaboration to bring skills learned across tech, construction, public policy and even nuclear power, because focusing on just your industry for inspiration can lead to uninspired and cookie-cutter marketing.


We’ll bring everything we’ve got to every project we do, including yours.

Our Mission.

To give companies, charities and public organisations access to the same strategy and training as the world's top businesses.

Be Good.

We only work with those we can do genuine good for. If we can't help then we will find someone who can.

Truly independent.

Do Good.

Most of our work with public sector, charities, and companies that want to change the world.

We devote 25% of our time to good causes.


We listen. And we offer our honest opinion, only working on projects where we work directly with clients, hearing their ideas and making them part of our plans.

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