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Find your company's direction through focus, strategy, tactics, implementation and evaluation

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A refreshingly well-formatted way-in to understanding a world that usually tries to keep people out of its inner workings.
Anthony Heugh
Great to find a refreshing take on the five-step format, and in a field so competitive and full of pop-psychology etc as marketing. It also slays the big beast of marketing misinformation, jargon – full of good jargon-busting.
Antony Reeve-Crook
I attended one of Lewis’ marketing workshops earlier in the year, and this book puts everything into perspective, and gives you the first steps in starting or rebranding your business. I’ve been muddling through with my business, having jumped in feet first without having a proper plan of any kind let alone a marketing one! This book helps you to focus on each area and only taking the next step once you know what your plan is. Very helpful, and would recommend it.
Teresa W
Some really interesting and important concepts laid out in an accessible way. The real world examples really helped me understand the application of some ideas too. Well worth a read, I will definitely be incorporating some of the things I learned from the book in my next planning round.
Amazon Customer