How “bingeworthy” content speeds up your business

Next time, on your website…

Binge watching works for Netflix, why can’t it work for your business?

Customer Engagement

A great way to engage your customers in your content marketing is to create a series of articles and release them weekly. This type of episodic content can be based on an ongoing project, a theme, or even a longer article – split into smaller, more easily read chunks.

By making your blog a place people will want to return to and get the next piece of the puzzle, you develop a stronger connection to your customer and increase the chance of gaining their trust. This, in turn, means the next time they are in need of your product or service, it’s you that is thefirst name on their mind.

Content Plan

Episodic content is something that can be released all in one go or delivered over several weeks.

Whether you do your own content marketing, or get outside help, having a content plan that includes episodic content, alongside traditional blogs and case studies provides your customers with a variety of ways to digest your expertise and skills.

The Content Marketing Institute’s research shows that almost half of all customers will read 3-5 pieces of content before committing to spending money. By having a binge-worthy set of articles or videos ready to “stream” you shorten the time it takes for them to be ready to purchase.

Entertain me

SEO is of course an important part of any content marketing, but articles also have to be informative and entertaining. A potential customer can visit your site numerous times before converting into business, and if each time they return there is something new for them to see, it shows your business as engaged and interesting.

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